A good social media plan can play a critical role in a company’s digital branding. How does one use social media to optimize their digital branding efforts? Merely placing ads on Facebook or YouTube is not enough; one must have a particular perspective to “get it right.”

Social media planning is crucial at this stage. While the internet users are increasing day by day and they are spending more time on social media than digital media. From digital marketing to Digital Branding … online business is a reality today, and it is much more different than classic models of business: where each moment is a moment of truth. No matters which business you are in, the customers will find you in digital media, social media and the places you ignored to post. The digital world has no borders, means you have to have a global identity.

It is important for an entrepreneur to be well informed and equipped with digital branding where it covers keywords, contents, SEO, ranking, Online and Offline Touchpoint, and real-time responses. Along with marketing planning, a company must not ignore digital/social media planning while digital brand identity is what you speak to your visitors who are always in a rush to click and move on.


A company brand succeeds when it breaks through the social media culture. The brand must be designed to help generate and reflect the social media’s cultural relevancy. Each type of social media is unique and within it are digital crowds, which serve as prolific and productive innovators of each culture.

The culture within the social media crowd changes the rules of branding; the crowd either makes or breaks brands. If we understand the nature of the crowd culture, we can adjust our strategies to address it to create a branded-content plan that is empowered by these social media cultures.

We know how important our social media engagements are and how they play an essential role in our digital branding. We must create shareable content, as this medium is “social.” We must create content that is so meaningful that people will want to share it with their friends. We must make sharing easy. We must encourage our readers to share our content by utilizing share widgets and always asking the readers to share the content.

We must reward our readers’ engagement with some incentive that automatically connects our brand to our reader and simultaneously increases the reach of our social content.

Besides sharing our content, we should include videos, articles, and images on our company blog or website as well as on other platforms. By adding these additional resources, we can pro actively and automatically share our content. We can also encourage our readers to remix our content. By incorporating the art of the Mashup, our efforts are compounded and leaves an indelible mark on the culture of the social media.

By tapping into the enormous power of popular culture, brands are much benefited. For example, Twitter saw a 300% boost in mentions of the Jack Daniels brand when One Direction’s Zayn tweeted the following statement: “Meet my friend…Jack Daniels 🙂 he’s cool, ha”.

People do want to follow people, not brands. Connecting celebrities to our brand is a particularly successful strategy.  According to Millward Brown, who analyzed 75 viral events across 16 different brands from 2012 to 2015, one in four featuring a celebrity which triggered a significant uplift in brand buzz. These events paid off in substantial gains for the companies.

One thing to remember when facilitating social media crowds: Getting people talking about a brand on social media is easy. Making it work for your brand, however, means that you must create a brand idea that strikes an emotional chord. It must be compelling or offer something useful to the crowd.

A tweet, an email, a blog, comment and feedback from your side is a shadow of your branding efforts. The online chat staff also play an important role in developing brand personality infant of the viewers. We have worked out already and tested some of social media planning model that contribute to digital branding process which is a continuous process and cannot be undermined for a single moment.

By using social media creatively, companies can once again succeed with social branding by using the power of cultural relevance. Doing this will allow your brand to tap into the power of the crowd.