STOP worrying to have an IT department

Today business dynamics are different, and consumer behavior is entirely other than before. Being a digital brand is now critically important, even for small size businesses that need to make online offerings to compete. Practically ist not possible most of the time due to the inability to handle e-commerce, lack of IT skills, and limited resources to manage IT, staff. Business GO Digital understands the issue and has come up with a fantastic solution. No more worries for such questions: how to make a website? How to develop an android app? How to manage IT, staff? How much is the total cost to set-up an IT unit for my company? Do I need IT skills? How to maintain a website? Here is what we have designed for single owners or small size businesses between 1-15 employees.

Let's connect to the world of Internet

Let's connect to the world of Internet
If you are a successful business and have a history, but unable to be a part of the internet world, Business GO Digital is here to help you to be online. Don’t worry about the challenges a company has to face while shifting to the internet. We understand and has people to assist you.

First Time in Pakistan - Your IT Partner

First Time in Pakistan - Your IT Partner
We believe this kind of partnership will increase demand for direct-to-consumer brands, align the existing business with new ways of working and approaching customers, assist in focusing on the sustainable growth in the future, and manage brand recognition and value.

You may choose your required package from below:

Website Support
$160 per month
Digital/Social Media Management
$560 per month
Ecommerce Unit
$2,990 per month
IT Support
$5,000 per month