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Body/Team Leasing

Today business dynamics are different, and consumer behavior is entirely other than before. Being a digital brand is now critically important, even for small size businesses that need to make online offerings to compete. Practically ist not possible most of the time due to the inability to handle e-commerce, lack of IT skills, and limited resources to manage IT, staff.
The post-pandemic situation has caused several issues, including travel restrictions, social distancing at workplaces, human resources management, economic slowdown, decrease in profits, visa restriction in talent acquisition, increased cost in managing mental health and wellbeing of employees, engagement to avoid slow working pace and low performance. On the other hand, the quality has compromised; sales are affected, and taxes have increased in some regions. The overall company’s situation is critical, and revenues are shrinking with threats of shutting down.

Steps We Follow

We take all responsibilities, you just hire
designers and developers rental freelance
designers and developers rental freelance

Share the JD

Share your HR needs (JD, Qualification, Experience, Organizational Chart, Tasks & reports formats).

hire your team designers and developers
hire your team designers and developers

We Select the Team

We select the team (Advertise the position, collect CVs, arrange Online interviews with you).

select your own team
select your own team

You Hire Them

You make the final selection (Screen employee, check their demo works, portfolio, and experience)

offshore staff bgdint
offshore staff bgdint

We Manage Them

We manage staff (Setup & facilities, Operational control, Full-time, Direct reporting to company and manager, Backup staff)

Do you have a specific requirement?

We have a specialty in managed IT services, network configurations, Cybersecurity, e-commerce Telesales, Blockchain, content writing, social media managers (SEO), assisted development, module integration, and customized request if you have. We work with most of the industries like consulting, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, engineering, data centers, software houses, banking, education, and hospitality.

If you need a team of individuals with a specific portfolio, we will search the local and international markets and will find candidates to join your company. Our HR department will coordinate with IT management to find the right candidate for the right job. Our process is very simple and effective while we manage staff and promise quality assurance.

Technology Areas

Our customers are passionate about the technological areas for which they recruit. We offer world-class specialists, qualified and experienced teams and staff. Our highly specialized recruiters provide top-class IT specialists including programming and quality management, Middleware, and many more.
IT Solutions
ERP Functional Consultants
Technical Consultants
Architects of IT systems, applications, and solutions
Software Developers
Project Managers & Program Managers
Product Managers
Customer Service Specialists
Technical Writers & Content Managers
Backend Technologies
Frontend Technologies
Mobile Technologies
Testing and Quality Assurance

What Qualification do you need?

Business GO Digital offers Off-Shore IT staff while you can hire Graphic Designers (Adobe, After Effects, Illustrator, Publisher, InDesign, Digital Identity, etc.), Animation & Production Engineers (2D, 3D, Unity, Maya,3ds Max Design, Adobe Animate, etc.), AutoCAD, Architecture & Designers, Landscaping, and Motion Graphic Technicians (Video Editing, TVC, Documentaries, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Champions). In case you are looking for developers and programmer like ERP Developers (.NET, Java, C++, Python, SAP, Desktop Application, etc.), Database (SQL, Oracle, etc.), Web Developers (PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, .NET, jQuery, HTML5, WordPress, CSS, Bootstrap, UIkit, CodeIgniter, VueJs, ReactJs, Angular, Django, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Ruby on Rails, etc.), Artificial Intelligence (AI) a,d App Developers (Android, IOS, React Native, Native Script, Ionic, Flutter, Real-Time ).

Request for Body/Team Lease Proposal

We monitor the IT job global market on an ongoing basis and act on you behalf of our customers, minimizing human resource formalities in the recruitment process. Forget a multi-stage recruitment process followed by the legal formalities for weeks. You do not have to go through all the process of recruitment of IT candidates. Send us your requirements and we will contact you with a commercial proposal.