How do customers see your brand? It’s important to reexamine your branding tactics occasionally. In actuality, it doesn’t matter how you look at your company’s brand; what truly matters is how your customers, your target audience, think of your brand. They are the ones who determine brand success or failure. It’s ultimately the marketplace that matters, not what you believe it is essential.

We are living in the age of identity and branding. Understanding brand perception is key to success in our competitive marketplace. Your brand must connect with your audience to be long-lasting. If your brand develops a connection based on trust, which is earned by remaining true to whatever the audience expects of it, then it will be successful. Therefore, it pays to learn what those expectations are to stay true to them. Researching how your customers view your brand is the first step in developing resources that meet their expectations.


Attracting quality customers that are not only loyal but are true believers in your brand is your ultimate goal. These true believers will choose service and quality over the occasional sale which will ensure that your brand is valued and preferred. Establishing a unique message matrix is essential to making sure your message gets across to your audience in the best possible manner. Words still matter; using the right words makes a huge difference in attracting and retaining quality customers.

Attracting quality customers include providing a strong local presence by using SEO practices. Your marketing strategy should consist of connecting with your community by making sure your online brand presence is optimized locally. That seems a great challenge to many of the marketers. Coding sponsored social media posts for your localized area with Google is essential. Employing paid ads with search terms that are geo-targeted and locally popular is also helpful.

Email campaigns are still beneficial. Collecting email addresses and frequently following up with all your customers is always a wise thing to do. Being careful not to overwhelm their inbox is essential. Alerting customers about new store hours, new products, style tips or ways to use products are examples of wise email use. You should always send something they will want to read.


Attracting quality customers means you must make your online content attractive and engaging as well as compelling. Your content must be informative and easy to digest. It must be regularly updated with fresh content, always with the customer in mind. Think of creative uses for material that will drive traffic to your brand.

One of the best ways of attracting good customers is to encourage positive reviews. Encouraging positive Facebook and YouTube reviews with testimonials help your brand become successful. If, however, you ever get a negative review, be sure to respond promptly and courteously, and correct the issue. Many prospective customers check out the reviews first before choosing the company, so be sure it’s maintained properly.

Likewise, marketing planning process in business, social media planning is crucial to be adopted. A good social media plan is the base for effective execution of a brand. Usually, the social media managers ignore the planning process which may result in slow progress particularly if competition is high.

A self-designed and measured approach in various branding projects, “SPANTIK Approach” empower us to contribute to the brand equity of your business. A strategy is an essential element in a branding process, which provides the foundations to the practitioners and company management to be on a consistent course of action. Perception of a brand is important to analyze in an initial phase; then research findings will guide us to finalize the brand identity and personality. The communication is important but if the purpose of brand awareness to the targeted audience is done, accordingly. Marketing is about identifying the needs of customers and branding will satisfy them with a trust in the brand attributes. The image and identity of a brand will be as clear as crystal in the minds of customers in a way the brand wanted to be. The knowledge of the product and its benefits must be transmitted by utilizing Integrated Marketing Communication


All this is worth the effort. Your quality customers will become your most loyal customers and will be the difference in your brand becoming a success. Having a well-known strong brand will enhance your credibility with all your customers, your industry, as well as your marketplace. Building recognition, competitiveness, and loyalty will help to build your credibility. If you’re credible, you’ll get the sale.